Since its inception in 1969, Taylor’s has continuously provided excellent
services for its students in terms of diverse study options, relevant
curriculum and teaching methods, on-going partnerships with leading
universities worldwide, strong industry linkages, up-to-date facilities and a
well-equipped campus.
It is a modern and progressive university, well respected in Malaysia and
often considered a benchmark for other private higher education providers.
Taylor’s prides itself in the delivery of a holistic education that results not
just in excellent academic accomplishments but also in graduates with
qualities that are highly sought after in the global marketplace. Industry-
relevant learning activities and industry-relevant curriculum are widely
incorporated into all tertiary courses in close partnership with the relevant
Taylor’s has been continuously developing and implementing innovative
teaching and learning pedagogy that is relevant to 21st century learners to
ensure that its students are able to tap into the best education experience.
The university’s pedagogy focuses on developing holistically balanced
graduates; which is done through an enhanced curriculum, expanded
industry collaboration and experiential learning programme; to enhance the
critical skills employers look for when hiring candidates.
In 2014 it introduced a 2nd Transcript which provides recognition for
students’ extra-curricular involvement – a first in Malaysia and in the
Southeast Asia region. The Taylor’s Second Transcript complements and
supplements the Academic Transcript in providing expanded opportunities
for students to develop intellectual, life-skills and emotional/social
development. It provides formal recognition and rewards for students’
extra-curricular achievement both on and off campus.

Benchmarked against global best practices, the programme runs alongside
the formal curriculum, and it culminates with the awarding of both the
Academic Transcript and the Second Transcript. The programme helps
students develop future works skills – proficiencies and abilities required
across different jobs and work settings.
Taylor’s has also adopted transformative teaching approach that allow
students to learn through smart devices in a self-directed and personalised
manner, anytime anywhere – enabling them to review recorded lectures
and access to notes whenever they need them. Students learn in X-space,
technology-rich collaborative classrooms designed to facilitate learning in a
highly collaborative and engaging manner.
In 2013, Taylor’s became the first university in Asia to roll out Massive
Open Online Courses (MOOCs), an extension of its e-learning initiatives
that benefit people from every part of the world. The courses not only make
learning interactive, but interesting for today’s generation who appreciates
flexible learning.
Taylor’s continues to play a strong role in developing human resource
capital. Currently, it has a 70,000-strong alumnus that continues to grow
annually, and many of them are now leaders in their respective fields.
The Pharmacy degree program is recognized by the Sri Lanka Medical

At Taylor’s, we focus on more than education. We future-proof our students
who are prepared to take on any life challenges head on.

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Top 1%
in the world for Employer Reputation

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