Study in the heart of New York City: the crossroads of the world

Choose America’s greatest city as your classroom

Your studies

Long Island University Brooklyn is a private university located in one of New York City’s five “boroughs,” or neighborhoods. Its location will play just as big of a role in your education as your coursework will.

The University offers over 200 degrees, and is well known as a top ‘Health School’ for its Nursing and Pharmacy programs. Students have access to internships and student work opportunities in some of the world’s largest companies.

Students of LIU Brooklyn can participate in LIU Global, the only program in the USA that allows students to live abroad for a year as part of their four year Bachelor’s degree. Along with the cultural experience of living in New York, this can be incredibly valuable to an international student.

Guidance and mentorship from the faculty plays an important role at the University. The smaller-than-average class size means that you will receive more attention and help from your professors. In fact, the student to faculty ratio is 11:1; which means you will receive more of your teacher’s time than at most other universities in the USA.

LIU offers students a very high chance of success. Interns from LIU regularly receive positions with the world’s top companies in New York City. After graduation, 82% of LIU graduates find jobs within six months of completing their degrees.

Life on campus

LIU Brooklyn is located in the best possible location for an international student. Exploring the city of New York is part of your education, and will give you an unmatched cultural experience that you can’t get anywhere else. The campus was also recently voted the safest in New York City, and the third safest in the USA.

When you study for a degree at Long Island University in Brooklyn, you will be perfectly situated to succeed. LIU can be your launching pad to a great career.